White-tailed  Eagle
Photo: Jan Johansson

   Information building "Rastplats Trandansen"

5th of December 1999

9th of January 2000 23th of January 2000

Information building "Trandansen".


In the region around Lake Hornborga both white-tailed eagle and golden eagle winter, mostly young birds.

The eagles are fed with meat inspected by veterinary surgeons, and every winter the eagles are given about three tons of food.

The food is spread after dark in order to minimize disturbances.

At present the feeding-place is run by voluntary manpower from the Club an in cooperation with a project, called "Eagle 72", and "Länsstyrelsen".

The feeding-place at "Vadboden" is near the Church of Bjurum at Road Nr 184 between Skara and Falköping and can be observed at a comfortable distance from the information building, called Naturum, at "Rastplats Trandansen".

Other species of birds that can be seen are raven, hooded crow, magpie, jackdaw, goshawk, buzzard, rough-legged buzzard, great tit and others.
Goshawk.   Photo: Jan Johansson
Photo: Jan Johansson